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The AES Intellinet is an intelligent network consisting of wireless transceivers (combination transmitter and receiver units) that are installed at each property throughout the city/town and used to monitor the fire detection system installed at the premises. The transceivers work together to form an intelligent "web" of protection throughout the city/town. Each unit is not only a transmitter and receiver but also a repeater. The units furthest away from the receiver "bounce" their signals off the nearest transceiver, which in turn passes the signal to the next closest transceiver. The signals continue to be passed from transceiver to transceiver until the signal arrives at the actual receiver (usually installed at the fire department). The signals are received by the receiver usually sooner than a hardwired communicator could even finish dialing a phone number or a master box could finish sending one round of code.


The network is incredibly reliable because of its inherent redundancy. The transceivers are constantly adapting to their environment by monitoring their paths to the receiver. If one path fails it simply re-routes it’s signal through other transceivers. Typical radio master boxes rely on one path to the receiver. If environmental conditions or other factors such as new construction block it the signal has no other way to get through to the receiver. The transmission will not be received! Unlike the AES Intellinet, typical radio master boxes do not receive any acknowledgement from the receiver so the transmitter will never know that the transmission was not received!


The WARN system includes state-of-the-art alarm automation and dispatch software. This software allows unlimited flexibility in automatic critical dispatch information. The software allows all the information you need to appear instantly on screen with critical data such as: Type of alarm, location of the alarm, operation of outputs at the protected premises, and any data you may need to know about the property such as Hazmat information, contents stored on site, and much more. This eliminates the old method of having to read an account or master box number and then having to manually look up the property information related to the alarm. With the AES system this information appears instantly when an alarm is received saving valuable time and allowing for a more accurate response.


Our optional MCP (Municipal Circuit Processor) allows for a seamless integration between the old telegraph/100mil technology (hardwired master and street boxes) and the state-of-the-art technology of the AES IntelliNet system. The MCP allows a city/town/campus to phase over to their new AES IntelliNet system at their own pace or keep the old system and simply integrate it into the new.

The MCP accomplishes this integration by allowing continued usage of the existing in-house signaling method (usually house bells or gongs) but further enhances this method by additionally signaling alarms received via the AES radios. Any alarms received from existing street or master boxes will sound the house bells as they always have but will now also be displayed on the automation computer along with unlimited pertinent data stored for that property such as name, address, contact information, etc. Secondly, any alarms received from the AES radios are also displayed on the same automation screen but will also code the house bells to signal the radio account number of the radio sending the alarm. This exclusive option keeps the alarm signaling method familiar making the transition to the new system simple and well accepted by all.